Tuesday, 15 September 2009

So many things effect my cycling including my monthly cycle (for those who didn't grasp my 'decorators' reference). I'm a bit knackered today. After a busy day spent getting children off to school, tesco on the bus, my mums, a coffee out with a mate, I thought I've got to either go to bed or trike it somewhere.

I cycled to collect my children, and as I gasped up past the coop, an acquaintance, who I know to say hello, to said: 'Oooooh I watch you struggle everyday, I'm going your way, let me push ya'. And she did bless her. How nice, especially nice as she has her own probs, believe me. Folk are kind, arent they? I also heard that one of my main supporters at the school gates was admitted to hospital last night, and that's a bit shit. I can't help but look at the photos of her hugging me on the trike, and I just think I am very lucky :(

Awww, I'm really proud, when you walk in to my kitchen. The first thing you now see is three helmets on new hooks on the wall. It's cool, anyone night think we were fit or something...

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