Sunday, 20 September 2009

Yesterday just passed me by in a drunken haze. I've gotta say I was disappointed that no one said the words. 'Wow, you don't look 43!!' But I am happy to say a few people said 'I didn't ever act my age.' Which again is a brain thingy, because it was 1988 when I had my RTA, and severe brain damage. My brain still thinks it's 21, and I still like The Smiths, and The Clash.

A really nice day yesterday began with my children waking me, more excited about my birthday than me. I cycled to the shops later, because I had to give myself a bit of exercise, as I knew the day would be spent consuming lots of calories. My mates called at 4.00pm with champagne, and then another friend called and that was the start of the downhill slippery slope :) Clive then called (an ex fb), who is absolutelly gorgeous, and such a gent, he stayed till 1am.

I've said before how many things effect my ability to cycle- Well today I'm happy because I've had a wee laugh and a joke at my friend because he lay in bed this morning watching 'Hollyoaks' (Perv I called him!!). I'm just going into town, to spend fifty pounds worth of vouchers, at Decathlon.

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