Sunday, 6 September 2009

Life's good. I borrowed my wee boy's lock, and nipped to the shops, it really is very hard for me to pedal up M. Lane, in fact I had to walk it a few yards today. And I can't ever imagine it getting easier, I suppose I'm hoping that however it happens, when I replace my mobility scooter, and Gretel, the new trike will magically make it ok?

I've seen some fab, motor assisted recumbent bikes today. They are incredibly expensive though.

I think my once 'big friend' (who lost 11 stone from cycling for a year) was right when he said that all insecure folk laughed at new things. Because as I rode to the shops, I saw the usual gang of teenagers who'd scoffed at the beginning of the week say 'alright mate' as I locked up. Which I took as a kind of acceptance. I know I'm a sad git putting so much importance on that. But it felt good.

I'm trying my best to get my mate Julie into cycling, because she cannot ride a two wheeler. I don't think she's got the bollocks to do it though. I'd love it if she proved me wrong.

Hey it's been 10 days, since I had to use my mobility scooter. But I suppose tomorrow, and the normality of school runs, when in a hurry, will be the true test. I'll see it as a failing if I need to resort to my scooter again.

I'm hoping to go about 8.15, but whether my 2 children will join me, I just don't know? They are young and are a bit embarrassed I think about what folk will say? They love introducing their mates to Gretel, but can't handle ridicule too well. (A bit like their mum!!!)

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