Friday, 18 September 2009

I was a tomato this morning, as I cycled my little boy to school. I didn't have to go, but a taxi was picking me up at 10, for a meeting at the Head Injuries Rehabilitation Centre, where I am part of a group called BIRRP. Standing for? Brain Injured Rehabilitation Research Partnership, which meet at least once a month. I had wanted to feel awake for it, so I chose the school run as opposed to a slob at home with an extra coffee.

Too many folk probably read this blog now for me to write my true feelings down. But I was disappointed that the clinicians at the unit were not more into cycling as something I had chosen to do and a possibility for clients going through the rehab process now. I understand that our time at BIRRP is for a specific reason, and not really for me to be all egocentric. But I just feel a bit frustrated, I suppose I'm just wanting to enable folk, who might otherwise be sitting at home feeling totally incapacitated, and totally reliant on others. But I know again, I'm putting my own feelings onto others.

Also I'm 43 tomorrow!!! and because I've just split up with my fb, I ain't really got plans, I hope my neighbour pops in but otherwise it's another year of the kids and I.

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