Wednesday, 2 December 2009

11 am, I don't mean to be needy, and Steve (CTC) has indeed done so much for me. But I'm scared now, because bless him he says he can't take me to get my bike. So he's told Carol, at West Country Recumbents, what I need. And hopefully between us, we can find something. But I'm soooo scared, it's like learning to ride a bike, and your parent lets go with their steadying hand, do I waver and fall? or push the pedal down and get on with the journey? Carol's (West Country Recumbents) been in touch and it appears I was wrong in thinking, that the seat on the GT5 was more reclined than the GT3, they are both the same :) So I feel a bit more appeased with that knowledge. I feel a bit of a t* telling them they've got to come and collect their own back though.

I've been to the Drs tonight about my shoulder :( it has been hurting so, but not when you'd expect it too. He reckons I've probably cracked a rib, and at worst my collar bone as well, but either way, it's not that there is any magic cure. I started to cry, I'm fed up of being a miserable git for my kids. They are so lovely and incredibly helpful with the bike. They love knowing that Mum is dependant on them at times.

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