Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I love Fred.. and Richard (my handyman/cleaner) :) but they'll wait.

I battled to get my bike out of the house for the last time today, I am soooo happy about that fact (my children are ecstatic also) I glided to school in 10 mins. And sat as proud as punch, watching my children in the nativities x2 because I watched infants + Juniours. I'm tempted (but I jest) to always find things difficult wi my bike because it's such a conversation starter, when folk have to help you put the chain on or stick a foot behind the wheel. I love the fact that people recognise my humility, and speak to me, regardless of age, or status.

I had 10 minutes to get home and get the tesco bus, wow she was like lightening. And have I mentioned that the council had filled the Crators in after I had reported them.

When I got back, Richard was fixing new locks to my shed, and he'd sorted the kids shed as well. What a relief!!

I must mention Lindsay, who used to work, and laugh at me....i mean with me, she's great. And it's nice knowing that I've left an imprint on her heart.

When I went to collect them it was great, not having to battle first. I gathered a few more folk to come on the 17th for a drink, as I waited at the bottom of the drive. So it should be nice.

Zoomed back, to see Fred from Pedal Ready who is more of a friend than owt else now. He did a few bit's but got stuck, so has gone away to research it a bit. But I did spot a chunky rubber band arouynd his wrist, which I nabbed to hold my hand brake on. (a tip from Westcountry Recumbents)

Hey Dave dearest, you better come to my house, because Fred likes scones too!!!!

My daughters gone out again to do the nativity.

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