Wednesday, 23 December 2009


I feel really good, I was a 'trail blazer' for 'Direct Payments' when it started back in June 08. It has allowed me such freedom. It enabled me to pay for taxis which I initially needed to attend Cycle For Health, which has transformed me. It was a big gamble by me CTC/Pedal Ready and my friend Anj, who gave me a lift home, every week and I would treat her to a bun and a coffee. It's because of pro active thinking like that. They think I would be good, and now things are different, because 'Altogether Better' and Nigel West, do in fact fund any transport costs I need. Instigated by myself, and supported by the CTC and Pedal Ready again, because they could see the effort I'd put in. Although I had written into my care package, that I did indeed, require money for gym membership. Instead I used that money for taxis, and cycling everyday, has done loads more good than an hour once a week in the gym. (not counting the writing, and promotional work)

Anyway I'm rambling again, I have been asked to help with extra training, for social workers. Hey it feels sooo good to be head hunted, because I think I used my Individual Budget, to make a difference to my life.

Most of my work will be on a Tuesday, which means I will need to leave Cycle For Health half an hour early, but I reckon, it will be worth continuing, because it wakes me up and refreshes me so.

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  1. I also feel freedom when some of the bank allows direct payment system. Its really complicated to pay the amount indirectly to the people by using different platforms.