Friday, 18 December 2009

Uh Ohh!!!!

I had a fantastic day yesterday, beginning with everybody been lovely jubbley to eachother. Because we all knew that after tea, my children were flying to America!! with British Airways!!!! I can cope with them being away, but the prospect of them not coming back for Xmas, filled me with dread.

I met my lovely friends at Cycle For Health, including a lady who'd been particulally interested in trying Jez for her son. After talking to her and going on a bike ride with the group. She was sold, on the idea of a recumbent bike. It was lovely to see some folk, I hadn't seen since my 'journey' began. As I zoomed off, leaving everyone standing, Dave (Santa) remarked on how he remembered my first day at CFH, and how I'd teetered. With Steve and Simone, ready to break my fall if I'd tumbled off.

I rode through the park, where we spotted a beautiful Kingfisher, swooping for some breakfast. Life felt good until, I entered the woods. Grind, grind, went my gears, uuh oh.

My lovely friend/writer/cyclist who has a few contacts, booked her in for repairs. I phoned a taxi and I took Jez, with some difficulty. I started the Mum network, because I had to get my children,after school plus I had arranged to meet a lot of folk in the pub for tea. And I was gonna ride my bike :( It was sooo sad, handing her in at the workshop, it was like a much loved pet over for a serious operation at the vets :'( When???? I gasped in desperation. 'Oh we should get her done before Xmas!!I need her PLEASE try, she is my legs!! Yes I know, it was dramatic, but it worked and it's true :)

I'd been in touch with my lovely Fred, the gorgeous young friend cyclist. Who agreed to go and fetch her, and meet me at the pub.

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