Saturday, 5 December 2009

Hey I'll let you know, how I get on being a night rider :) I'm going out for dinner later, it's fairly local, so I'm riding Jezza. And so I'm not farting about later tonight, I got up this morning, and don't laugh :D sellotaped and tied on a torch, to the front of Jezza.

Right....I wear a white coat, have a red light on the back, a bright torch on the front. To cut a long story short, I p* a driver off, this woman leaned out of the car and said 'She couldn't see me on that contraption!!, what a stupid idea it was to ride it on the road' I calmly said I have a disability, would you prefer it if I crawled under a stone, or something!

Chain fell off a few times. Urgh...
Nearly killed the kids and I getting her back in the house, but hey ho, I'm smiling.
Had a fun night, I love my mates.

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  1. If she couldn't see you, who was she talking to?