Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Spike :)

I shared my bed last night, with two weeping children, because 'Spike' the Gerbil looked decidedly very poorly. I booked Spike in at the vets, wondering how on earth I was going to pay? and secretly wishing the angels had taken him in the night. My kids screamed with delight that the angels hadn't been in the night. And I booked him in at the vets, because I had a plan.

First I had to get the weekly shop on my once an hour Tesco bus, and bless him, the bus driver had parked at the end of my road waiting for me. And then waited for me again, because 35 mins, isn't long really. But I was on a deadline. I explained to the driver that I'd got to take the gerbil to be put down :( and because my lil boy can be very endearing. I arranged to get taken by the bus driver , and dropped off, on his way bk to Tesco. Awwww, I was genuinely happy that it appears to be an ear infection. And he will live. And I was lucky that the tesco bus was coming past on my way home also :)

So what could have been very expensive and upsetting for my children, has instead been an experience that has lifted my spirits and made me feel glad to be me, surrounded by caring folk.

:( I still can't take Jez out, it's getting a bit ridiculous because the roads are nearly clear, but my drive is just sheer ice!!! And they seem to have sold out of salt everywhere.

Fantastic news, it looks like I can now afford the GT5, which I'm giddy about, but it is a lot of money and I'd rather wait for Steve from the CTC, to agree it is a great idea. But West Country Recumbents are being soooo patient with me, so thank you for that.


  1. Hi

    Steve at the CTC told me about your blog which I have enjoyed reading this year. Have a great cycling 2010

  2. Hi Gareth,

    Have I met you? Do You do the bike club?

    Thank you so much, hey you'd have laughed at me today. Or maybe not? Trying to do BMX stunts on a recumbent....urm, I don't think it works.
    Have a fab 2010. xx

  3. Hi Caroline

    No we haven't met (yet). Steve mentioned your blog to me so that I could put a link to it on the Sheffield CTC website which I keep up to date. Sorry to hear about you slip - the stitches look neat! Hope you are soon better