Friday, 11 December 2009

blog ‘thinking about cycling’

I read this blog tonight, that was reccomended by the CTC. And it's exactly how I feel about cycling!! For me to it has been such an epic journey, if I think too deep, it makes me cry. All these fantastic folk I've come accross, from the CTC, Pedal Ready and infactthe health consortium, Altogether Better. That fund me doing what I love. I remember the first time I rode to 'Forge Dam' it was such an achievement. That night, I woke crying tears of joy....i think. Because that was the night, I decided to get rid of my electric mobility scooter. Which was the best decision I've made in so many years.

:D I can't believe what I did today, I cycled to school to meet my children. I returned, with D* perched on the back of Jez, we got half way home :D And I'd forgotten F*!!!!! Outrageous, it meant I had to do a U turn and go at top speed back up to school though.

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