Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Fantastic news, Steve Marsden (ctc) along with Nigel West(Altogether Better) colluded with each other and came up with a course that I'd be good at, if I was as enthusiastic about it, as I am most things. It's called the Introduction to Community Development and Health. It starts in January, and it sounds great, I hope I'm not too late. It's so lovely that folk who don't need to give a damn about what I do, seem to really care.

I didn't dare go out on Jezza, I quite easily could have gone to school this am, but I didn't dare in case my chain came off, or the gears jammed? But I needn't have worried, I had the best ride on her that I've had, the chain stayed on. I picked my children up at 3.20 and was home for 3.23, it was great :)

Really looking forward to Cycle For Health meet next week, so I can take Jezza somewhere new, and see folk again.

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