Thursday, 24 December 2009

My children are coming home & it's Xmas Eve

I'm sooo happy my children will be home in a couple of hours. They have just landed :) I'm so warm and content, I don't wanna drag them out as planned. (I can't ride Jez anyway)

I spoke to my direct payments person, about the forth coming training. I will be helping out with, and all looks set and ready for the 4th :) And I begin the ICDH course on the 5th :)

Spoke to the CTC and Pedal Ready, and it appears, I've been as influential on making 09 a fantastic year for them as they have on making mine, the best year I have ever had :)

I'm so happy, as I sighed a content sigh, an advert came on the radio, asking for £19 for the homeless. Buying an individual hat/gloves/blanket and a meal, I sighed again and was happy to help, as I donated the money.

Merry Xmas everyone, thank you for reading, and playing a part in making this year so good.

Caroline xxxxx

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