Wednesday, 16 December 2009


It only took me 5 minutes today, to go and get my hair all beaufont - cut actually. Which was cool, it then took me 10 mins to park Jeza, next to a post, because a car (booo hissss)was parked over the pavement and dropped curb. I'm off on the Xmas ride tomorrow, with Cycle For Health, and I'm really looking forward to it.

My life is soo good at the moment, but yet I know, I'm a bit in denial, about my children going tomorrow. And the danger of them not getting back for Xmas.

I'm proud to say my joy isn't because of a man or owt, it's down to me being me, and my family and friends being them.

It's forcast snow tomorrow, eeeek!!! What will happen ? As well as CFH, there's quite a lot of us going to the pub after school.


  1. Jeza will love the snow - don't worry about it and just take it easy as you get the hang of it. Remember to leave plenty of cornering and braking space just in case of a slide.
    Most of all - enjoy it!
    A covering of snow is what 3 wheels were made for!!!

  2. Thank you for posting comments. I've only just found them you know.

    She doesn't take kindly to the rough terrain of a cinder path though. Atleast she's sorted, the hasve given her a reconditioned gear thingy.


    Oh and thank you for the wing mirror. I've got to find a kind man/ or indeed woman to fix it now :)