Tuesday, 1 December 2009

If I hadn't have had to get my children off to school, this am and folk hadn't paid for me to go to Cycle For Health, I would have so snuggled back down the duvet, and gone to sleep. I haven't been sleeping well, because of my shoulder. I want to cry, it's making me feel fatter, lazier, and just fed up. A few folk have said today that it sounds like 'frozen shoulder' and that it takes months of physiotherapy. Well I wouldn't mind because I do like my physio, but it's the cost.

Mr Steve Marsden (CTC) returned my calls about Greenspeed, and he's looking into it for me :)

My taxi arrived, you know I still find it a bit hard to believe that folk subsidise my attendance, because I am 'inspirational' to others? It chokes me up a bit, but I can't deny the evidence. It was week 5 at Low Edges, and there was only 4 others which was a shame. It isn't a very exciting park, but yet it is a little unknown oasis in the middle of Low Edges Estate. Simone (Pedal Ready) was an absolute star, she shifted the 'boom' back on my bike, to effectively 'move' my seat forward. I didn't recognise Barry - Pedal Ready - because I think he looked like he'd lost weight (must be all the cycling) and Howard he looked much younger and happier. (Considering he'd got to repair 80 bikes in about 30 mins last time for Totley School, there's no wonder.)

I rushed up to Totley School, in 10 minutes as opposed to 30 mins today :) only having to pause a couple of time as opposed to 'every 10 pedals' as my son recalls. I had taken D* a helmet so she could perch on the back on the rack.

Apparently this man stopped my children, and asked them all about me today. Saying he watched me everyday and how he had started getting out more, because he loved watching me interact with everyone. And he wanted to too. Ahhhh nice

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