Friday, 4 December 2009

Why is my life so difficult? I know I get more support than the 'normal' non disabled person, but I do find the practicalities of being single, so very hard. I mean getting Jezza into the house, is so very hard because I don't think she's safe at the moment I'm afraid there has been a few burglaries in the area. So I'm getting alarmed etc, next week.

I wizzed up to school, like lightening, leaving my supportive friends to walk. I had no choice if I lost my momentom, that would be it. I 'slobbed' at the bottom of the school drive. I find it difficult to look like anything else when sitting in the recumbent. My chain hung so low, it fell off, :( luckily I had about 5 bike little bike experts set too putting it back on. Hey I rode up this really steep hill that normally defeats me and it was a piece of p* (sorry, but it was very easy)
Stoped briefly, got back on and the chain had come off again, I wanted to cry, this man who must have been 90, offered to help me, along with another Mum, who knew me by sight (everyone knows me by sight) I watched his old spindly cold fingers feeding the chain back, with such precision, i felt like crying, bless him he couldn't even see to do his own shopping, but had made such an effort at repairing my bike for me. I bet I was the only (non carer) he'd spoken to all day.

Once home, I realised I really can't do it on my own :(
...........................but I'm willing to try.
I've arranged to have my outside sheds secured and alarmed this week. And I've arranged for Fred, to come round Tuesday after school to give me and my kids a repair lesson.
Thank you Steve for being blunt.x

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  1. Hiya,
    It shouldn't keep coming off - probably slack because of shortening the boom.
    Can you ask one of your bike mates to check the chain length for you?
    Tell them if the chain is on the middle ring and in the middle at the back then the rear mech pulleys should be one above the other.
    Just remember to keep the spare in an envelope and pass back to us afterwards.