Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Dull :(

Hey, I know I moan (not too often) about my children. But the prospect of spending Xmas without them, fills me with dread. I mean, I wouldn't dream of not letting them fly to America (BA) with their Dad. But it's whether they will get back in time for Xmas :(

I can get to school now in ten minutes!!! It really is very easy, (and back again in 3!!!) And Carol from West Country Recumbent, has posted me a mirror on an extended arm :) Which I could definitely do with, to go further a field, than the suburbs where I live. Because whether it;s psychological or not, but ever since I was incapacitated, with knackered in ribs and a poorly shoulder. I feel like I've put loads of weight on.

It's buzzing at the school gates with talk of the pub, on Thursday night, (or is that just the choson few :D )

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