Monday, 21 December 2009


First thing I did today, was to phone recycle and thank them for fixing Jez, at such short notice. The guy who answered, absolutely raved about her, I beamed with pride even though, she isn't mine. I've been studying the 3 options available to me, and I would love to go for the middle option available (which I know won't make sense to most folk.) but basically I need to be able to raise about £800 to do that. :(

Apparently the more expensive one has a schlumpf gear mechanism. Anything which makes the gears easier and stops the chain coming off, is a plus.

I was snowed in today, but aren't folk nice? 4 individual folk called to make sure I was ok?

Altogether Better, have said they will fund me and Jezza, to travel to other cycling events around the city. Which is sooo cool.

My children are still in New York, I must try and go to Argos tomorrow.

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