Sunday, 10 January 2010


Sometimes, I can do it, and other times I struggle (ooo errr Mrs) - I'm so childish at times!!

But thanks to Rob, Rob and Gavin, who too are cyclists, who've been forced to hang helmets up (i hope) in this horrid weather. I was gonna trike it to the pub, for lunch, but the cold and my fear was still there. But at least I know, I'm not alone.

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  1. Up here i the real North its a fantastic dry cold (most unusual given we normally get maritime (wet) snow) lovely dry stuff. Ridng around most days although I guess the cut leg might still be giving a bit of a worry.

    Most of the time its fine if you don't fling the bike/trike around and keep speed and direction changes smooth & slow - only sat down once when the camber was so steep that the bike slid down the slope sideways. The ice there was so bad I couldn't then stand up and had the slide along to a flatter bit.

    Some nice You Tube from Gadgetman in Leeds of his morning commuting - overtaking cars (looks like the A65?).