Friday, 1 January 2010

New Years Eve/The Angels coming For Spike/Angels Bringing Him Back!!/Bike Ride /Hospital/

After successfully welcoming in the new year, having loads of fun, but no booze :) And laughing sooo much because the buffet that was served at the local club, included a selection of bread & dripping!!! And apart from our motley crew, the club contained the entire Tesco bus regulars. We got to bed at about 2 am. :)

Poor Spike, in an effort to make his life a little comfier, i had moved him into another container. Unfortunately the holes in the top, were closed, leading me to believe ? When I found him this am, with his feet in the air. That the angels had been in the night :( Alas I didn't have time to do the funeral thing, so I rushed out to get my taxi this am. I will cycle instead soon, I'm not sure when.

After a nice breakfast in the park cafe, we cycled on to the BMX park, on ice as well :) Whilst pedestrians struggled to keep their footing, Jezz glided :) My son loved it zooming round the big hills, and drops whilst I sped round on the flat. I thought now what's the worst that would happen if I didn't make it to the top of the hill? And I planned my strategy, of what I might do, in such a situation. And sped towards it hoping to get enough momentum, to take me to the top, but a couple of inches from the top, sure enough I started to roll back!!! Bugger!!! and before I had time to move my left leg out the way, WHAP!!! the pedal inbedded in my shin. The trike came to rest.

Bless my lil 7 year old, with pure gusto he said 'Don't panic Mum, I'm calling an ambulance' And he did.

Right I have so many folk to thank now for help, I'm scared incase I miss someone.

Alistair....Absolute star, who came to my aid in the park, directing the ambulance, returning 2 bikes and my son safely home.

Julie......Who went to my house to wait with both my children, until relief arrived.

Stephen and Sue.... Who took over from Julie, putting my bike away and taking both my children to their house.

Lucy and Becky..... The cheerful ambulance staff :)

Carys..... Who made a fine job embroidering my leg with pure blanket stitch, some 16 stitches later.
Anyway, I'm back from hospital now, and it appears Spikes hanging on in there, because he's breathing and after some milk, that I fed him through a syringe, out of curiousity. Because he was still warm.


  1. Ouch! Its a fine line between grippy enough pedals, feet sliding off them and them biting flesh... We usually recommend trike riders are clipped in using 'SPD' or similar but I have no experience riding on BMX tracks...
    Hope the 'bite' doesn't put you off Jez and you are back out riding again soon!
    All the best,

  2. I can't wait to get back, but it's been recommended, I give it a rest for 7 days :( I'm sorry I behaved irresponsibly on your bike :( I'm gonna get someone to check her over, before I ride again. Because She took a bit of a jolt, and apparently she's a little scratched underneath. I can't figure out how? I will let you assess any damages, when I give her back, and pay whatever.

    Sorry again,

    C x