Wednesday, 20 January 2010


I am tired, but in a nice kinda comfy and full way, and sooo content. I grabbed my wing mirror on the way out to the cab, that was taking Jezz and I to Cycle For Health.

'Fantastic' I said when I arrived, as I handed Ken my wing mirror, and reminded him, that he had said he would fix it for me :) And then John (my very own Mr Potts) presented me with 2 blocks of wood on string loops, hand brakes in case your wondering. I felt very supported but not looked after, in a patronising way.

I worked with Ken and Barry doing some road work. Which to be fair, I kinda know, but it was good to be reassured. Barry later came to the Drs with me, because the nurses, had been arsey about me receiving home visits anymore (oops) Anyway, my leg looks awful, she had to use a larger dressing - eeeeeek!!!! I bet I don't feel as sore as Rob, who came off his bike on.....Mon? Poor guy, read his blog, to find out the gruesome details.

Barry hung on for me, we did the shops, my house and school. And whether I am in denial, but it really didn't phase me. The only time I feel nervy, is when I'm backing onto it with the cog (boom?) in between my knees, I reckon, it took me a little longer though. It was really great to see folk again.

I sensed an opportunity, for myself/Steve/CTC to speak about how cycling had empowered me, when I received an invite to a conference, in York. Again I took the 'Bull by the horns', phoned and asked them if they'd like me to bring my trike (or Jezz) to the event in May. Anyway, I think she liked the idea, because she offered a 15 minute slot, if it was me giving an individual talk. Or 3 /4 of an hour if it was Steve and I. I think this would be an excellent way of focusing, how inclusive cycling can be, and how incredibly empowering.

Tomorrow, I've got a nice young man coming to give me a price for concreting a metal bar in my shed, to padlock my bike to.


  1. Yay you!
    I've got to wait until Friday for my next ride. You know how it is at the moment - dark on the way to work, dark on the way home :(
    Oh well, Spring soon!