Thursday, 14 January 2010

poorly leg/head hunted :)

Bad news, my leg is so poorly. A different nurse called today, and was visibly shocked at my cut. Mind you, I was too. So she ordered me some anti biotics, my mate Julie Andrews, went to fetch them. After collecting my children from school. :)

I received an email from a guy whose launching Self Directed Support in Sheffield. Basically he wanted to use my 'different' use of my budget to highlight the many uses, it can have in order to achieve goals. I agreed, as long as I could thank Steve(ctc) Dave (pedal ready and photographer) Nigel (health champs who sponsor me triking in parks)and West Country Recumbents.

He agreed and was very keen to meet me :)


  1. Ouch again! You keep looking after that leg!
    And you've got Julie Andrews looking after you? Cool!!!

  2. just don't let her start singing! and watch the umbrella.