Saturday, 30 January 2010

mmmm nice....:)

My son, an older friend and I went for a bike ride this am. The friend has done his 'bikability' but my little boy hasn't, he is too young for it to be covered in school. But because I'm a health champion and he comes on bike rides with me, and because I'm worried, about his safety 'Sheffield Health Champs' are funding him having 121 road work, with Pedal Ready. And he already knows half the guys, so is quite excited.

I do have to nip myself every so often, to make sure it isn't all a dream. I lead such a happy fulfilling life and it's all because of 3 wheels!!

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  1. Took my kids out Saturday - first time on bikes since May last year due to various issues - went to local country park and got dog thrown in for good measure - thanks (sic) to Leicestershire Council/cycle route map the way we had planned was fenced off and a building site where there should have been a cycle route/path. Then we had the challenge of the footway/pseudo cycle route changing sides of the dual carriageway mid-way between roundabouts - what idiots can presume it is reasonable to skimp on not building the footway to a safer place to cross a busy road. I long for the law about yielding to crossing pedestrians to be extended from 'at a junction' to 'at any point on any road'

    Dog OK running alongside on lead with me until it got tired and eventually managed to get it happy with riding in the trailer (which I'd used to bring the bikes over with) certainly a day of learning.

    Trains on Saturday were all being delayed including the couple who got thrown off at Dore (not a normal stop on the fast trains) because they got on the wrong train and pulled the handle.