Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Hey, I cycled to school this morning, much to the disappointment of my wee boy. And I must reach a speed of 20-30 mph, on the way home. It's fab, because I am so grounded and safe.

It's Tesco Tuesday and Pat the bus driver had text me to ask if he'd to wait for me ;) I was going, but then Steve (ctc) phoned, and well the best laid plans get urmmmmm laid off. He wanted to collect Gretel, (the tricycle) Wow, it was strange watching Steve ride off, (just to the bottom of the drive mind ;) ) 'This feels dangerous' he laughed. And I wouldn't dare go on Gretel now, I was so brave to do it, I'm just so glad I stuck at it though, I bet a lot of folk able bodied and otherwise, would love Ziggy, but whether they'd have the determination, to ditch their vehicle, and ride Gretel for 5months, is another matter. I'm so glad I did though, my life has totally changed, and to say I rode her nearly everyday for 5 months. I only actually fell off twice.

I WILL be upset, saying goodbye to Jezz, because she has meant freedom with relative ease.

And yes Dave, I will take my trike on the train as soon as I get Ziggy, I don't wanna take this one because she aint got a chain guard over her sprocket. And It's a bit sharp :O!!!

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