Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I think I've got my priorities wrong but I enjoy cycling so much, well more the social side of things at the moment. At Cycle For Health, I'd arranged to meet Miriam, who looks after the Health Champions, and loves cycling. I'd also loosely arranged to meet Rob for the first time. And I suppose because my leg wasn't giving me any bother I'd forgotten about it, (conveniently) So was was it worth missing my appointment for? ...not really, I was a tad disappointed not to see Rob3, but as always it was nice seeing Miriam again :) Barry gave me a complimentry Pedaller, I'm just gonna have a check, apparently I get mentioned next month, I aint a clue what thats about.

Remember me talking about the 90year old guy, who helped my daughter with her school project? I nipped in the pub, on my way home, to leave a parcel of handmade gifts and thank yous, behind the bar for him. And cycled home, which felt good because it's so much quicker than my walking pace.

I had 5 minutes to spare before, the taxi arrived to take me to my Self Directed Support, guinea pig work. Which I do love usually, today was the best and it was a joy seeing some familiar faces.
I was asked if a couple of folk with disabilities could get in touch. So I was really pleased I'd taken my contact cards. Something really, nice hasppened at the end, the emergency social worker who came out to my home to visit my kids and I after my ex had left, was there today, she came upto me saying how pleased and happy she'd been when she had seen photos of me cycling. I've got to say she was very intuative to deduce from my state, what a dedicated Mum I am. When folk were questioning my capabilities. I arrived home to find Julie Andrews, cooking pancakes (i'd left out a choice of toppings) for 6 children :)

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