Friday, 5 February 2010

Sorry Rob :(

I don't think I was that safe today. I was a bit like Mr Bean, I was fine but I probably caused a lot of folk to curse and swear at me!! And someone even nicked my flag (Robs flag actually) I am covered in oil, from when I 4got to take the lock off, (it's a brain injury thing) and tried everything to make Jezz move :( It was only when I picked the single wheel up, that I saw the problem. Doa!! That was when I came out of the Drs, which went fantastically well incidently.

I met my children at the library, where I received many positive comments, I don't know why really because I was behaving like a right 'dolls ed'. I came out only to find someone had pinched my flag :( I take that quite personally as well, because everyone associates me with Jezz. (i will pay for another)

Thank goodness it's the weekend, Julie Andrews nippin round.

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  1. Trying to ride off with the lock on - that is class!
    I know several people (including myself) who have done that. One guy even broke his own spokes 'cos the lock was through the wheel when he tried to pedal away...
    If you are using a 'U' lock it can help to have a cable loop from it which goes through a wheel or some such but that gets in your way when you try to sit down. Then if you alway lock up that way it will remind you!