Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Last night, about 9pm a local teenager came tapping on the door, I have had a fair bit of grief from this chap in the past. To cut along story short, I ended up fetching my cycle pump from my panniers, that were on my trike. I stumbled in the dark, saw my body heading towards the chain cog thingy, managed to twist and turn and it stuck in my thigh......ouch!! Fortunately I was wearing jeans this time, so I just have symetrical deep scratches. I'll be so glad when I get one with a guard, Im not safe.

This am, I was bollocksed, so instead of joining my mates on the tesco party bus. I settled down for a kip, on the settee. I gave myself permission :)

I had to visit the nurse, I cycled without my coat it was a lovely day. Grim news at the Drs! yet more antibiotics, the 5th lot in 4 weeks. And as she took the bandage off, I swear I could smell it. (how attractive!!!!)

I then arrived in town for my 'guinea pig role' and because I'm a challanging 'pig' :) I was placed with certain Social Workers. who weren't terribley inspirational. I think they hoped some of my attitude would rub off on them, but isn't it supposed to be the other way round.

I'm just very happy I had a very young inspirational Social Worker, 2 years ago. Who had the forsight to make me be the first to go on Individual Budgeting, or Self Directed Support, as it's more commonly known. As I left town, with snow and hail beating on the window , how different from earlier. I noticed a cyclist, been forced to drive in the gutter. But do you know, I didn't see him again for a few miles, because he had kept moving whilst we had queued for miles in the heavy traffic.

I tried to be inspirational, but the negativity I had been experiencing had obviously worn off on me. Because I just couldnt do it when talking to Rob 3.


  1. Do you have one of those old cloth shopping bags? One that will fit over Jezza's nose when he's parked and that you can pull off and roll up when you're on and ready to go...?
    Just to provide a layer of protection for yoU?

  2. Hmm we used to used bright yellow things like that on the railway to fit over the coupling things at the front to keep out the ice & snow - colloquially referred to as condoms. Guess you need one for the bike