Wednesday, 14 December 2011


That's Me and Dave at Jumbos, 9 of us celebrated Xmas, from the Hillsborough team. Good night, but I was on my best behaviour :) (No falling asleep in my Curry!!!)
It's a busy time of year for Dave!!! (get it?)

I've just completed my 5th Interview :) at SCBIRT, which went really well. And the Client, felt the same way I do? and that is that she is experiencing some sort of Post Traumatic Positivity. Because since she was run over by a bus (hey they have a lot to answer for these buses) But like in my case, she thinks it was possibly more her fault, anyway I do find it easier now, after doing 4 interviews on the trot.

And last July? A woman contacted me, via my blog. And she did sound a little eccentric in a nice way :)(not too dissimilar to myself) she's called Fiona, and has a blog called Ad libbed. And she wished to come and try the cycles at Hillsborough?? After being all over enthusiastic, I tnought I'd scared her. I was just making myself a coffee, and she said are you Caroline? Im Fiona with the Blog......and we got on like old mates. So do please get in touch. We could always meet up and you could try Ziggy- My trike.

I'm writing this early, because I'm out tonight, having a Chinese...eating...not 'Having' with Nick, Fred, Dave, David, Lawrence and the 2 Sues from Hillsborough. Which will be nice, because I do miss everyone. I ain't seen head nor tail (not that I ever do see his tail)....that was so unintentionally rude!!!! of my Hero Steve M, who isn't going tonight. might catch you later.

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  1. Hi it was lovely to meet you :)
    I have dropped you an email and hopefully next year I will try out cycling. I think rehab starts in February and I am finally starting to go out on my own and start rebuilding my confidence.
    I am glad you had a good day x