Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sunshine Buses :)

Yep, you know the ones? Theoretically they are for physically disabled folks, as well as the kids who have some learning difficulties. But i only ever see them with the latter group. Anyway, I feel a bit cringey doing this, because I suppose I don't see myself as fitting in to that cartography. But I grabbed the bull by the horns, and booked a Mini-bus (yes it will have Sunshine's and rainbows,on it probably)to take and return me to Hills borough Park, on Thursday the 5th of January, cost £6 return. So thanks to Kev Hickman, for that tip off.

Urmmm, I can't...won't divulge too much, but men are mostly shit to me, has s'one stuck kick me on my back?

So I wish for structure, and a Focus. Maybe I'll be better when I get to Hillsbro again, I do hope Sunshine buses work for me.x

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