Wednesday, 21 December 2011

2 peas in a pod!! Brothers Grim...(ahhhh only joking , xxxxxx)

I'm out with Lorrainne tomorrow, I hope the weather stays mild. As it's an evening meet, and I am wussy about the dark.

I've had my Sleuth head on, and thanks to a Guy called Mark Weene, who I last saw 25years ago, it took 10 mins for me to find out the location of my ex teacher. I know I'll send him a reply and return an Xmas card. The powers of Facebook!!! Which reminds me, poor Rob (i know the link will not work, but hopefully, you can follow his blog.


  1. Bah, finger trouble - I posted that car clip to the wrong blog! You know how it is when you wonder along to post a piece and they've completely changed the whole thing just so it is harder to use...?

  2. Hey, I don't like to confess my reasons for not using Face Book too often. But well done for sussing out, how to post on my blog from a mobile?

    Actually I bet your home?

    Good to hear from you.