Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Monday.....dreaded school

My Son, had text me anxiously on Sunday night. He really feared the inevitable, as he saw it. Maybe in a different life, an angry grown ups word, would have stood for more clout. Than Character History? But I am really proud to say, Mr Stewart of Totley Primary, came up trumps.

I had telephoned school at 830am, just to be sure of 'getting in there first', I had said the story of events according to my Son. And what this Mum thought she saw. And how I'd given him the opportunity to defend himself over the telephone. (the Mum was outraged that I had allowed him to do this), and started a vendetta and slur, against me cycling on 'That Stupid Bike' Thankfully s'times, I think because I've been a Celebrity, for doing honourable things.

My Son did get a tiny bit punished...tokenistic, and that had been for swearing....saying Crap. (which I kinda let him get away with anyway,) as long as it's not every other word!

I had a dullish day to match my dullard feelings. Hopefully I will be brighter tomorrow, as I'm helping design the 'Record of Involvement' for Volunteers within Social Care to produce as evidence, of work completed.

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