Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My Face

Ouch, it's sooo painful, cycling in the hail!! going downhill, about the fastest I ever get (Baslow Rd dual Carriageway.)

Did I write a blog yesterday? Ooooh no I didn't, too much time spending money, on pressies. I don't know how I would have coped without my windfall blip (with Income Support, in case you were thinking anything else) I( did a bit of work also for ASC, Hannah and I are designing (and a young guy called Michael, who wasn't there yesterday)This Record of Involvement, for the regular pool of volunteers to collect evidence of work they have completed. It's fully endorsed by the council, and all the documents will be available to download and print. It isn't tokenistic, there will be no Certificates and badges!! It's just a record really. So that folk like me, who can't remember peoples names and stuff, have got evidence. It's nice that the other 2 thought I had a really nice way with words, and I should write it. Which to be honest is the easy bit.

I got a cab home, because they paid!!! and welcomed my friend Lorraine, mmmm we ordered Curries, even the kids are partial. Bless her, it was freezing, and she caught 2 buses, to get to mine and 2 home. That's so nice of s'one to do that for lil old me!!! I did get just a tad 'Tidly' though. So when the alarm Drrrrrringed!! at 615, I wasn't amused but. Ouch I remembered the dentist, at 10. And my dentist (the one in Hathersage!!!) is always on holiday, so again,I was using a private extortionate local one. Who looked in mi Gob, and said that'l be £144 for me to fix. It's not decay, it's cracked. So I'll wait and see mine next week hopefully.

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