Sunday, 4 December 2011

Thanks Dave

And thanks Pete, who I aint seen for a month! since he joined the Couples of Christmas!! But burst in this am, with messages of support. Dave for letting me know, that at least I have the kids!! (even though it's far too expensive for my benefits. And when I asked for help today from the Dad, he gave me the choice their Xmas Pressies or helping?) I wish I'd called his bluff!!!

I cycled to the shops, I know I'm, really slacking. I just have no purpose at the minute. I've secured support from Pete for Friday, to put me to bed. After my night out with the girls!!

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  1. Gave you an anonymous mention with Toby Foster today.

    Down for Sat 10th, might drive as weather is not brilliant outlook for cycle ride on Sat. I wonder if Pete might need a hand on Friday?

    Great quote - "The only reason I now need a man in my life is to get into my loft" Hmm wonder what's in her loft?

    Of course you have a purpose - going out and doing crazy things and then writing about it. You should plan some more crazy stuff like following the back road/cycle route in to town one day.

    I notice that there is a slot at CTC Roadshow in Leeds on 8th Dec to say how wonderful their work with partners is including a bit on disabled cycling (Richard Davis) and the Heeley Re-Cycle project (Andy Jackson). I've got the details (e-mail)