Thursday, 8 December 2011


I'm beaming from ear to ear, with pride. But I just lay myself open to fail; and critisism. It really is difficult to jump through all the hoops, that are asked of me. (I'm talking about, Carrying the Olympic Torch) I have been chosen, but I HONESTLY, don't know why? I know the theory behind the reason, and yes I must sound impresive????? But I now know of 4 people, who were all nominated, and 3 were successful in getting through to the last round. And do you know, they are far more Credible and worthy than I, they all influence loads of disabled folk. And one of them has a brain injury like myself, through a Stroke!! (I do wish my Mum and Dad, were around to see it though.)

And I bet the others don't say rude offensive words when they stub their toe!! And I bet they don't drink, and act really immature!! But I am the only one I know whose lucky enough to have been chosen. Wow it is so big!! my kids are unbelievably proud!! even my ex, muttered words of Congratulations!!

I did sieze the opportunity, (what am I like) and I rang my mate Rony Robinson, and next minute, live on air!!! Telling folk about the Accessible Cycling at Hillsborough Park, and how it was fab, and I loved it!!!and by the way, I'm carrying the Olympic Torch, type of thing!!!

I was gonna go to Hillsborough today, as well. To think I'd have not known, for 5 hours!!! My little boy was off sick, so I stayed home, being the dutiful Mum. Also it was a tad on the windy side, so I didn't think it would be very busy. I missed everyone though.

So I'll let you know, how difficult it's gonna be don't worry!!

I'm very happy Thank you Nigel West for the nomination. Ooooh and Thanks to 'Wait For Pete' for suggesting it.

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