Friday, 2 December 2011

Coo ee!!!!! I' Here :)

I'm sorry I've just realised that I aint been here for a while.

I've just had another parent call me a weirdo tho! Which hurt. And why? because she went off alarming about my son, bullying her son, and 6 of the boys were in my lounge all shouting above one another, about how the said boy booted my son in the shin sooo very hard. Anyway I said lets just calm it,till Monday at School, She went on apparently in the hairdressers, where she worked (how classy!!) to go off about me on that '' Fuckin Stupid Bike''!!I've been supposedly 'Educating' Council Workers today, about how I can think for myself etc, and then I come across Ignorance like that!!!!!

Hi to Richard who I met today at the SDS training day. I especially remember Richard, because he was Single!! Am I obsessed with men? Talking of which, on second thoughts, I'd better not talk about last night ;) but it was nice.

This morning I saw the kids off, thankful that I no longer have to take them to school in the cold morning. Then Matt picked me up, we went for H who is the Butt of many a joke, then Steph and Gwyn.m He's so dedicated to the cause of literature and coma, that he will do this. He says it's because we are his friends which is nice. And I don't think for a minute he implied 'Friends'!!!!

I really missed Hillsborough yesterday, so much so that I went to an ASC meeting, which went well. I suggested to Headway and to SCBIRT that they should be trained up in writing Support Plans, so at least s'one who understood Brain Injury supported the Survivor.

The hunt for a lurcher goes on, they're all too big!! So the kids and I aqre being patient.


  1. If you think that was a lot of lip you might see if you can stand this charming lady on the Croydon Tram, seemingly oblivious to the niceties of good manners.

    A sweet ending though as she was soon recognised through the wide viewing of the video clip and she's had her collar felt. Still, swap the word disabled for coloured and would it have caused as much outrage?

    You'll need to identify which H you refer to as I'll remind you that I'm the original one.

    And what's this too - been a slightly naughty girl have we?

  2. It's horrible that clip, I can't stand shared ignorence, well saying that I don't think anyone did share that womans opinion. Yeah, shall I get this parent arrested, for sharing her blinkered opinion. With her Clients in the hair dressers, what she thought of me and my cycle. (little did she know, they were members of the CTC and my daughters Bezzy mates)

    I have cried a bit today at the injustice of her slating me, for riding my trike!!- thats just personal, and nowt to do with our children.

    As for H, I can't possibly say. And me Bad? I was very Good (apparently) :)

  3. Somebody had a go at me last week - for riding my trike on NCN68! I sent a written complaint to the police and they put the complaint on the hate crime register! So if you do feel that it was genuinely nasty it can be worth logging.

  4. Good for you for standing up to her!

    Only one response to people who call you weird;
    Look them right in the eye say "You have noo idea"