Tuesday, 29 November 2011

It's all gone BLACK!!

How depressing the news is today, the Eve of The General Strike. I don't want to get political, because I don't understand politics, but Britain is just on a see saw, and it depresses me so, even though for the first time in 10 years, I feel fairly comfortable.

I'm so excited, remember the SDS Training team, which I joined? Training SW to complete the Individual Budget Assesment? Well do you recall the lovely Liz Salmon, who brought Strawberrys and cream to Hillsborough, with some non alcoholic bubbly, when the team tried out the cycles for themselves. Well she contacted me today, to invite me out on her leaving do, in December.I can't wait!! Kids are booked out for the night :) So far I've only got 2 Xmas dos on the Calendar....3 actually.

Cycled to the Post Office,where I spent 25mins getting stuff sorted, it's a good job she knew my ....'Challengers'. She was really interested in Head-Lines, so I promised to sell her one soon.

I met Lorraine and Lawrence in town today, mmmm I wish Lawrence was like me!!!! and he'd claim what he is entitled too. Unfortunately that's where SDS fails, I mean what happens if s'one is in denial?? and they just sink lower and lower, because they don't think they're 'ill' or disabled.

Brockwood phoned to ask, if I'd step in Friday, to help deliver SDS training. I will I'll just need to leave writing early.

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