Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Little loop :)

I thought I'd start off easy! and make my loop really achievable, and yet useful. So off I set down the dual carriageway, ooooomph!!!! Wheeeee!! as I went, (but not actually weeing, you must understand!!) In 5minutes, I told you it wasn't far. I locked up quickly in order to save maximum time, and someone said 'Ahhh Caroline, I'm sorry about your Mum, I nursed her the night before it happened' I turned and there all dewy eyed, was one of Mums Carers, and that was it for 30minutes, we hugged and cried. I don't mean to cry every time I relive her last moments with us, but I do. Not because they were so gruesome? the opposite really, but because they were so beautiful, and dignified, like my Mum. Anyway gone was the stopwatch time!!!

I plodded back up the dual carriageway, towards home, cutting off on a side road so I could use the very easy labour saving Cycle Path, I like Cycle Paths :)

So the problem I have with a who I meet, and how long I talk for!!

Fantastic news though!! we had a home assessment by Erin Hounds, and they brought a hound, and guess what she was called? .....Ziggy :) She wasn't looking for a home though, much to my wee boys disappointment. We got talking about those dogs that were looking, and I said no to one, because bless it, it had had a rough time, and I didn't want a repeat of Morris :( the next was a Saluki, which was beautiful. She told me the breed, was rubbish at recall, and very aloof, so wouldn't really be suitable. Finally there was a 16 week old puppy called Bobby, who the kids fell in love with. I said maybe? he was a boy though, with bits at the moment too!!!! I've just received a phone call, and on further inspection, Bobby is just too big, he wouldn't even fit in my bike carriage!! So the search goes on, I'm in no hurry though this time :)

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