Saturday, 19 November 2011

I know I'm slacking!!

Thursday, and Hillsborough, didn't do it for me. I mean it was ok, and I did a fair bit, firstly with Sue H and Sue M....(I hope I got that!!)who are both similar to me in the fact that they are women in their 40's? who are Survivors of brain damage. But theirs caused by a Stroke, in both cases. As usual, we do about 4 laps of the park, and back to the Cabin, for a cuppa. Lawrence had arrived as we started, and I'd invited him to join us, he said he'd catch me later. Sue H was a fund seeker for worthy causes, so volunteered to join the Save Caroline at Hillsborough crusade.

She offered, I've given in now, as with most things.

I checked on Marjorie and Brian, as she is getting so much stronger, on the Low rider. Brian following her dotingly on a 2 wheeler.

The lovely Dave Santa arrived, to just cycle really and be on hand for anyone who needed him from the Mental Health group. Who I kinda tagged on with. After the butty run.

Ahhhhh, folk are so lovely about Lurchers, they are just so renowned for being gentle. I was discussing with Nick, that I was being home checked on Sunday, with a view to adopting one. He said, if Steve hasn't offered to give it a holiday home. You know I will.....If it's a Lurcher. And he has a 'Couch Potato' Greyhound, and a 18month old child.

I drove past Henliegh Hall, on the way home. I was tempted, to just get dropped off anyway, and cycle home. But I'd crammed in 2 other meets, in the spare time.(purposely, because I'm still not in a good place.) I was meant to be dishing out advice, an unpaid Consultant, for some friends setting up in the Care business. And then I cycled to the Spit, to meet Lorraine. We talked loads, and I cried....again!! But she did invite her and her boyfriend to Hillsborough the following week, with a view to her boyfriend taking me in his big Volvo Estate. (only temporary though)???

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