Wednesday, 9 November 2011

mmmm a bit boring

All for love :)

Firstly....I love Pete!!!! he found my filofax, which ad my life in!! On the driveway by the bins. xxxxx

I looked at the beautiful bouquet of pink and white Carnations, and Roses, as I left this morning. Just to remind myself, why I do it? Work hard for the council, for free!! and it's because of the lovely folk it has brought me in contact with.

The taxi arrived, to take me to a meeting that had been set up about a Network of Networks they were setting up to monitor Health Services (it all sounds a bit jargonistic to me)

I left half way through, because it was sooo boring, and there were folk in my group who were just sooo negative, and they just kept shouting above the facilitator. (How Rude!!!) Before I left, I suggested a way of getting feedback from the groups in Sheffield that were often, not heard, was to '~Plant' Health watch Champions. Who as well as getting inside feelings, on how the Mental Health Service? was doing for example? or Child hood Obesity ?they could do some really positive befriending, and activities (not just cycling, honest)

Anyway....I said my bit x

I nipped to the shops, got a truck load of bright pink clothes for my Mums funeral. And moved onto Hannahs meeting after I'd bought these really spongi velcros shoes. That were for old folk, but hey I'm sure I'll be delightfully comfortable. We chatted, and planned 'The Record Of Involvement' which is to be, something the more regular volunteers for ASC, can show off their achievements.(that sounds frightfully tokenistic!!! but it's not, well we hope not)

Have I ever mentioned a Guy called Andy Brown? He's a bit of a technophobe, like really bad worst than me, cant evcen use a moby. But he's shit hot at fixing bikes? I know he'll never read this!!!!

I'm happy to say, he's called and fixed my wee boys brakes, and repaired as puncture on the tyre. And wouldn't except a bottle of wine or even a bean.

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