Saturday, 5 November 2011

I'm back...

I'm here and ok, I think. I reckon I'm the lucky one who was privaliged enough to share Mums final moments, on this planet. And then glad that my bruv had the sensitivity and foresight to buy a Chinese Lantern and Pink Champagne, for us to raise our glasses and toast farewell to Our Mum as the lantern drifted off into the stary sky. Because to all intents and purposes Mum was in that lantern, as it was lifted to the heavens.

My children were a bit hysterical at this thought at first. But now feel all cried up, and only have the happy memories, that make them realise, just how lucky they were, or we all were to be hers.

I have spent my time busy phoning distant relatives and searching out Mums old friends, I joined Friends Reunited, in a vain attempt to contact Mums workmates. I do love catching up, but it's unbelievable folk always presume, that I'm bored, and lonely? Because all of Mums friends intend to visit me now!!

Hey, have I said about Adult Social Care, sending me that fantastic bouquet of flowers? And I know it's not a competition!!!! but I've got 7 sympathy cards. And my ex collegue Lorraine called round today, with flowers.

And my Hobs broken, Urrrgh!! I realise that was random.

I was a shoulder to cry on last night and first thing to my friend who'd been a birth partner for a teenager, whose baby was still born. I mean F* poor woman and girl.

The funeral (i'm off at another tangant!!!)is at Crookes Cemetry, in Sheffield. And my Dad, Hazel, Holly, and Blue dog ashes, are all going in. So they will be fighting for space!!!On Tuesday the 15th of November, at 10.30 am.

I'm really sorry to Kev and the Gang, the CTC Inclusive Cycling Forum AGM was in London today. Also did anyone see hopw Alltogether better got on in the best Lottery fund thing?

I hope you've missed me :) x

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