Saturday, 12 November 2011

Greenspeed Magnum?

As I'm a bit better off than normal due to having really struggled for 6 years, not knowing that I was paying £180 a month too much, into my Mortgage account!!! I must be shrewd!!!- not at all!! So because I've now got a bit extra? I looked at the knew Greenspeed today, so that I am mobile continuously, without pause, to get some one to mend a puncture etc.Hey they're a bit Sexy, and attractive, hang on I'll gi you the link.

That doesn't look like it will work!!

I'm thinking about it, especially if Carol and Rob, of West Country Recumbents, are distributing, because they have been incredibly supportive.

The cost for a Magnum is £1876 and guess how much they weigh? ......2lbs!!!

I met some fab lurches today, all looking for a good home, the temptation is there, but I think it might be better if we waited to the longer days. And I know I said I didn't want one with a history, but the guy said...the dogs stay in Foster Homes, until they are adopted. And they won't let them go unless they are sure. So that's another thing occupying my little brain at the Mo. Avoidance? Maybe? I was bored on Friday, I haven't been bored for ages!!!


  1. With a dug that size you'll need to fit shafts and get traces made-up to harness that power and get canine assistance on the road. You'd be turning even more heads then. Go on admit it you are out to be a head turner at every opportunity!

  2. Sadly Dave I have reached the age, and size when I can no longer rely, on turning heads. So I have to do s'thing!!!!