Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I am Selfish....

I mean, at least my family aren't dependant on Hillsborough, or cycling for any income. I mean poor Steve B and M, and the cycle trainers at Hillsborough, like Fred and Santa. Their household income is largely dependant, on what happens with cycling and projects like Hillsborough.

Just after my last post though, I made an enormous decision, that is a bit selfish and a bit luxurious? To continue, at Hillsborough and fund it myself? I perhaps won't take ziggy though, as that costs me an extra £10. And threes no point in me trying to ride to Dore, take the train, tram to Hillsborough and then back, with you Dave? Because It would have to be s'thing I could do on my own, and I'm not physically strong enough, sorry.

Ahhh bless, my wee children spent ages on Monday night getting their homework printed out. And I found it on the settee, after they'd gone. Knowing my little boys had to be in otherwise detention!! I nipped out to school with it. Hey he was so proud of me cycling to school. To give him his homework, bless him. (brownie points for me!!)

It's been another weepy day, :( I keep thinking about tomorrow, and wondering if I'll cry? I'd say it's odds on? (Well mi left eye will!!) I cycled up to the Deli shop, to get some nice nibbles for tomorrow. And I grabbed a coffee, whilst waiting, I rang Rhiann? Altogether Better? Kind of top of the ladder when it comes to different Organisations, employing different services, who employ a different Service, which 'Mentor me!!' and she spoke of how I needn't little support just this financial and there were 6 of us, like this. Anyway by March she reckons that we will be funding ourselves using a new charity, that she is setting up with our help.???? Plus I probably told some of you, but I've decided that if the worst happens, I will pay for it myself!! It may mean leaving Ziggy :( and borrowing a trike from Hillsborough.(I know it's a disgrace!! all taxis charge £5 per journey. Even if it's a wheelchair!!) And I've posted my Community Transport thing off!! So I'm confident I will be back, but the fab team won't be. It's bound to change :(


  1. Go you!

    But there is a target, Hillsborough, session and back.
    One step at a time m'dear but, long term, wouldn't that be just brilliant?
    For a smaller step, how far are you from riding there and getting a taxi back? I would see that as great stride to the independence your writing tells me you deserve.

    OK I have been down the pub, but the path is there.


  2. You made me chuckle a lot. I have thought about this 100 times, and it's not so m,uch the distance, (i kid myself) Google claims 8 miles, but thaty includes some of the steepest roads in Sheffield!! The flatest way, goes through town, and takes on the busiest. And I reckon, I would stress so much at those busy roundabouts, etc. But yes, I've even thought of an elec assis one.
    Hey, last day for the A team today!! Catch you later. xx

  3. We had this conversation before...

    I remember my Dad having some tale about a cyclist who got stuck in the Tram lines and had to ride to the depot to get out.

    Is there not a middle path? Though looking at the sustrans map Sheffield have done the usual brilliant job of giving up on the hard bit.

  4. Chris & co use some interesting bits that meander around the Sheaf and pop out in the most amazing places, and you can take in such amazing sights as the snow gates for the days when it was done differently with a horse and cart and dumping the snow in the river.