Sunday, 6 November 2011


I'm not really sad, don't let me mislead you. I am truly happy, nahhhh that's too strong, I'm certainly not full of energy, and laughter today. I did cycle to lil tesco, and yes it did seem strange turning round and heading home instead of continuing to HH to see my Mum. I felt like I'd got a guardian Angel looking over me? until I foolishly thought I could pull out about 100 yards in front of a car.Unfortunately, I don't cycle at 40 miles an hour and he was soon 'on top of me' sounding his horn with disapproval. That brought me back to reality!!!!

Altogether Better were on BBC1 last night, in The Big Lottery Awards, which was a very plush affair by the looks of it. Unfortunately they didn't win, but it looked like the winning was getting to the final, like how I felt at the Pride of Britain awards 1 year ago. My daughter got 5 seconds of fame!! when they had filmed her on the grass, at the Heritage Park.

Ahh Pams just txt me to say, she's wanting a meet in the Park, so that will give me an excuse to go,. How hard will it be going past my Mums though?

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