Tuesday, 8 November 2011

So busy, so sleepy.

I'm not really grumbling,because I would hate to be bored. I went to my BIRRP meeting, hey it's great now because I have my own taxi, so I can do things before it and after. I'm not sure how Long they will stretch to that though, cuts been like they are!!!

My friend Sally? I have mentioned her before. Well she heard about My Mum, and wanted a meet straight after I got back, so I was happy to cycle to meet her at a local coffee shop. And wow, poor Sally, had lost her Mum in September, to Cancer. And although her Mum was 'com pus mentos' I think because of that fact she suffered more. So we sat talked I listened, and now I'm well knackered. My wee boy spotted me in the cafe after school, rushed in and pulled up a pew :)And I've just cycled home ....all down hill so no worries there.

And just by the by, I logged on to report the fact that we've had no street lights, for over a week!!! and I got to read relevant reports that had gone in about the same subject. Anyway they've been out of order since 31st of October. Good job I got some very fee bl;e, but better than no2wt wrap around cycle lights.

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