Monday, 21 November 2011

Cauliflower Ear

I'm afraid I gave Steve one this morning....a Cauliflower Ear that is!!

Having spent a good while on the phone with Sheffield Community Transport, this morning following Kev Hickmans, very helpful advice :) They said they would probably be able to take me and my trike to Hillsborough, in March? I know I should be jumping for joy! but I'm just a miserable git at the moment, and I've had so many false hopes. That I will wait and see.

Steve M returned my call so I continued to tell him everything that was happening in my life. Without pausing to draw breath I think. I reminded myself of a client that comes to Hillsborough, who does exactly the same. And then I stopped remembering the effect she has on folk.

And thank you Rob for your message of support, I know when I'm helping s'one with a disability cycle, it makes me do more. And I forget about MY problems, like my Mum not been here anymore.

My Left Eye!! permanently crying, I know it's effected by my paralysis, but its as if it won't hide what I'm feeling inside. So I can be all pretentious, putting a brave smile on, but there's a tear rolling down my left cheek.

I know the only positive in my life is that Erin Hounds, are looking for me. Have I always been a miserable git?

I mean I should just be grateful, for the 2 and a half fantastic years that The CTC, Recumbent Cycling and Health Champs have given me.

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