Monday, 28 November 2011

disabled entepeneurs - I know the link wo'nt work, but you knoow what to do.

But I'll begin with telling you for the first time in a month I feel very lucky, and well thought of, and dare I say happy???? My lovely friend, mentor, and supporter has confirmed that 'Gripple' in Sheffield, are going to fund My transport to Hillsborough for a month. She's doing Individually what Altogether Better, want to do for Health Champions x 6 who have got worthy projects on the go.

Anyway back to Disabled Entepeneurs, Shane from there, who owns a company called '' Anyway I gave him a rushed jumbled brief....yeah as if? I just said I'd send him some stuff, and he agreed to come to Hillsborough and try the cycles and meet me. But as Steve M reminded me, he wouldn't really apprechiate the magic,.If he came during winter when in theory it's closed. Steve M, sounds very poorly :(, he couldn't stop sneezing and spluttering!!

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