Friday, 25 November 2011

Write Way

I've been to the writing group, which is such a Positive in my life, it kinda makes me concentrate and think. Today's brain teaser? Objective Correlative? and Pathetic Fallacy? Which I understood after a while, but I don't really thing I'll use it too much in my Blog, as I tend to be a punchier writer, as apposed to being massively descriptive.

I can't really say, but I wish I could about the Characters within the group!! 1 is soooo bitter and twisted it is hysterical, because she seems to vent her anger towards me!!!But hey, I am Theresa, and the calmer Iam the stranger, it seems. Another man, is really having a bad time of things, so I'm taking him under my wing. (poor bugger)

Thank you Matt for making me laugh so much....You had to be there honestly!!and I will drag you for fishy Friday soon, the Spit of course!!

I've picked up 6 copies for Kev and Bridgette, where can I send them?

Oh remember Miriam? Well the Star has found a Sheffield Company that will maybe sponsor me until March? If I want to go and help out with the CFH at Hillsborough, and the Mental Health Folk? Plus I'm sure there will be a lot of events, with it being around xmas. The company is a steel company called Grittle.

Yes, I admit it I phoned Steve M to thank him for yesterday, and he's invited me out for Xmas Lunch with his favourite staff, like last year. So Fred, Pam, Dave, Steve and myself will go to one of the Parks for lunch, which I will love.

Did anyone get the CTCs Cycle Clips? Follow the link below, it's interesting, (but I think youll need to copy and paste)

Urrrrm, that's it. xxxx

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