Saturday, 19 November 2011

Friday 18th of November

I'm ok, when I feel useful. So I limped with a skip this morning? To the Write-Way writing group, (even if I'm only wanted for my blue parking badge!!!) We had a fab lesson, it's really great, there are now 9 folk in the group. And it's so safe, that folk feel ok, about 'Testing' out their new identities, (you had to be there!!!) I always used to pride myself as being quite a skilled writer (ok, ok Dave I know I lack a bit when it comes to being grammatically correct) But they are all so much better than I. (or should that be me? :D)

At 12 I was collected in a taxi, to go to Brockwood, where I worked along side Christine Barton, in offering Council Care workers a bit of knowledge on SDS, and what it's meant to my life for 4years.

I missed a telephone appointment with Disabled Entrepreneurs, I did try to rearrange, but they've not as yet. I wanted to promote, the success of Inclusive Cycling, and the Write-way. And how much better it makes me feel!!! ......sometimes.

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