Sunday, 27 November 2011


I do maKE it A THING TO GO OUT ON zIGGY, EVERYDAY, EVEN IF IT'S JUST TO THE SHOPS OR PUB. But I aint today, instead I went wi my bruv, Sue, and Amanda, to visit my Mums 'Unmarked Grave'. Which, does seem strange? I'm sure many folk must go to the wrong grave, when visiting their loved ones for the first time. I mean if it hadn't have been for the Lil lies and Carnations that perished there, with a water logged card. Maybe we would have struggled? Any other day, I might have found it difficult to visit, but today, I was ok, I was feeling strong..ish. I really hadn't made a lot of effort with my appearance, choosing to go for the more 'Natural' look (it's my excuse for not bothering with Make up and hair)

I stood at the mound of earth, and let my imagination wander, to what was below that mound? I mean it had been there for 12 days, gruesome images of worms, and Mum being Cold and scared in the dark, flitted through my mind. But do you know what I could quickly dispel them, because I had witnessed Mums body, without Mum in it, on the day she had died. And I was glad I had.

So the Douglas women, (i am one really!!) went into town for a bit of retail therapy. Eeeek, I bumped in to Mark Skinner, who I'd finished with all those years ago for Jock!! I must have been mad, he's gorgeous! and an avid cyclist...and married....and a dad. We exchanged niceties, and I thought 'I wish I'd put my make up on and done my hair!!!


  1. Some of my best support in times of relationship crisis has come from my ex's. After all they can confidently point to my qualities (that either attracted or repelled them) on a clear founding of actually having gone out with me. That, and the fact that I often ended up still getting on with their parents, after the interest in their offspring had waned! However there are some exceptions.

    Meantime a lousy non access date. Late call saying they were too ill - even to see me or go out. Went back in van but passed near you around 22.00 on Saturday and enjoyed an interesting an windy drive back.

  2. Believe it or not Dave, we had gone to bed at 8.00pm!!! My little boy plays football on a Sunday. And we have many tears, if he doesn't get some sleep. Thing is Dave, I never have the energy to come back down, and last night was awful, with the wind and rain.

    Hope you're ok, all things considered. x

  3. All working (just about) I wanted to get back anyway but it was a rather wild night out there on the roads.

    Glad you are making some progress - in Leeds on Wednesday, and will be discussing getting kids with bikes on trains in groups. When F is a bit older he might be among the kids I see at Sheffield Station with BMX bikes heading home after a day on the park. Handy for kids to develop independence are bikes & trains, but need to make sure railway gives them appropriate priority in getting the train home.