Thursday, 3 November 2011


S'one was looking kindly on me yesterday. As I was sitting with my VERY poorly Mum. With silent tears rolling down my cheeks, clutching and kissing one hand, whilst my other arm was been licked and sucked, she gasped a few breaths, the time inbetween getting longer.She struggled to take a deep breadth, and I silently prayed that she wouldn't struggle anymore.

And she didn't.



  1. A fitting use of words, confirming that you should be doing more of this writing stuff, but maybe with a dixshunary - or am I wrong to fuss about grammatical purity, and enjoy the vernacular idioms of syntax speech and spelling.

    Have HUGE virtual hug

  2. Thank you Dave, but I was 'Back with my Mum' when I wrote my blog. Not really concentrating on grammatical correctness. xx

    Big hug back x